Biggest Non-Uk Jackpots Of All Time: Who Won Them And How?

Biggest Non-Uk Jackpots Of All Time: Who Won Them And How?

Have you ever wondered who won the biggest lottery jackpots, and where they came from?

It may surprise you to learn that not all of them have been won in the UK. In fact, some of the biggest non-UK jackpots of all time have been won by lucky people around the world.

This article will take a look at who won these incredible prizes, and how they did it. We’ll also explore some of the amazing stories behind these winning tickets.

So if you’re curious about what it takes to become a multi-millionaire, read on!

The Top 10 Non-Uk Jackpots Of All Time

Winning a huge jackpot can drastically change one’s life for the better and these ten non-UK jackpots are some of the biggest ever recorded.

The first is from Germany and was won by a pensioner from Brandenburg who succeeded in winning a staggering €45 million. Before taxes were applied, the prize money amounted to €37.5 million and this sum was paid out to her over time due to foreign laws.

The second largest non-UK jackpot was won by a single ticket holder in Finland. This lucky winner got their hands on €17.8 million after taxes, which works out at around €22 million before taxes were applied. Similarly, there are tax implications when it comes to winnings abroad that must be taken into consideration before claiming any prize money.

Third up is an impressive jackpot win of $14 million by a man from Texas while playing Mega Millions over the internet. Even though he bought his ticket from outside of the US, he still managed to get his hands on the full amount due to no laws restricting him from doing so. As such, it serves as an example for other international players who wish to try their luck at winning big online.

Who Won The Biggest Non-Uk Jackpots?

He/She’s probably heard of the biggest Powerball jackpots, but have you heard of the biggest Mega Millions jackpots? Who won them and how much did they win?

Well, the biggest Powerball jackpot ever was won by three people in 2016 and they split a whopping $1.6 billion between them.

As for the biggest Mega Millions jackpot, it was won by a single person in 2018 and they walked away with $1.537 billion!

Powerball Jackpots

When it comes to the biggest non-UK jackpots of all time, the Powerball lottery stands out above the rest.

One lucky person won a whopping $1.586 billion from the Mega Millions jackpot back in October 2018 and another won an incredible £167 million from EuroMillions in October 2019.

But when it comes to Powerball, the prizes are even bigger!

In 2016, a Powerball ticket bought in Chino Hills, California was worth a mind-boggling $1.586 billion – making it the largest ever lottery win.

The ticket was split between three winners who each took home $528.8 million after taxes. The lucky winners were Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt from Florida, and Marvin and Mae Acosta from California.

The second biggest win was also a Powerball jackpot – worth $768 million which was claimed by 24-year-old Wisconsin resident Manuel Franco in March 2019.

He opted for taking his prize as one lump sum payment of $477 million instead of annuity payments over 29 years – making him one of the youngest lottery winners ever!

Mega Millions Jackpots

Talking about Mega Millions jackpots, some outsiders have won pretty impressive prizes.

For instance, a lucky person from outside the UK won an incredible £167 million from EuroMillions in October 2019.

It’s really no surprise that lottery tips are so popular these days!

But it’s important to remember that the odds of winning any lottery are quite low.

So if you’re looking to win big, it pays to be aware of the strategies that could help increase your chances – like pooling resources with friends and family or buying tickets in bulk.

Just remember, luck plays a major role too!

Where Were The Winning Tickets Bought?

The biggest non-UK jackpots of all time have been won by a variety of people from different parts of the world. Below are three of the largest amounts won, who scooped them up and where their tickets were bought:

  1. The biggest ever non-UK lottery win happened in the US Mega Millions draw in 2018. It was shared between two winners – one from South Carolina and another from California – who each took home $457 million.
  2. In 2012, a single winner in Spain bagged €190 million on the EuroMillions Lottery. It was the largest prize that had ever been won by an individual player at the time.
  3. In November 2002, a group of 11 office workers from Illinois split a staggering $365 million Powerball jackpot prize between them. This made it one of the largest payouts in US lottery history at that time and gave each member of the syndicate more than $30 million after taxes and other deductions were taken out.

These examples highlight some of the key lottery trends across different regions; while there is an element of luck involved when winning these huge prizes, studying regional differences can also help to give players an edge when playing lotteries from around the world. With this in mind, understanding which countries have higher chances for success and which games offer bigger jackpots is essential for those looking to become lottery winners.

What Were The Odds Of Winning?

It’s no wonder that the biggest non-UK jackpots of all time have attracted so much attention. But what were the odds of winning them? To answer this question, we need to look at lottery odds comparison.

The chances of winning a mega lottery vary greatly depending on which game you play. For example, the odds of winning the $1.5 billion US Powerball jackpot in January 2016 were 1 in 292,201,338.

On the other hand, the odds of winning Spain’s €2.24 billion El Gordo jackpot in December 2017 were much better – 1 in 100,000!

However, it is important to remember that no matter how slim or favorable your chances are, you still need luck to win a big jackpot.

It is also worth noting that some lotteries offer additional prizes for matching fewer numbers than required for the top prize; these prizes can still be incredibly lucrative and rewarding.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

It is no surprise that the odds of winning a large jackpot are incredibly slim. Despite this, many people still seek ways to increase their chances of winning. After all, someone has to win – why not you?

There are several strategies you can use to maximize your chances of taking home a portion of the prize pool. Here is a list of four tips for increasing your likelihood of success:

  1. Play multiple tickets in each draw.
  2. Join a lottery syndicate or pooling system so that you have more tickets without breaking the bank.
  3. Increase your chance by playing bigger lotteries with larger prize pools and fewer players.
  4. Check the previous results to identify trends and patterns that may help inform which numbers to choose going forward.

These strategies are all designed to help boost your chances of becoming a big winner, but they also come with risks and costs associated with them as well. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons carefully before deciding which approach is right for you – although playing multiple tickets will always be an option if you’re looking for an easy way to get started in improving your odds!


In conclusion, the biggest non-UK jackpots of all time have been won by incredibly lucky people.

All these winners had one thing in common: they took a chance and bought a ticket.

While it might seem like winning these massive jackpots is a dream come true, there are ways to increase your chances of becoming the next winner.

By researching the odds of winning, buying more tickets, and playing multiple lotteries, you can increase your chances of taking home the big prize.

So go ahead, take a chance and buy that ticket – it could be the best decision you ever make!